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Warranty and Care Instructions

Please ensure that you have read and fully understood this safety disclaimer before using your Terrapin Technology product.  If you are unsure of the correct use or have any questions about what is contained in this document, please contact us via email : customer.service@terrapintechnology....
Thursday 1st January 1970


If an item is out of stock online, can I still order it over the phone?Currently we only take orders via the website, we will however regularly restock items which are out of stock and notify subscribers to the newsletter of when fresh stock comes in.What are the terms of your ...
Thursday 1st January 1970

Return Policy

Returns will only be accepted for defective manufacture within one year of purchasing this product.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the product we are unable to offer returns for any other circumstance.  All products accepted under our return policy must be accompanied ...
Thursday 1st January 1970

Privacy Policy

Terrapin Technology will not sell any of your personal details or other information to any third parties.
Thursday 1st January 1970

Legal Terms of Sale and Website Use

Indemnity of Waiver of Liability ClauseTerrapin Technology Ltd: it’s Owners, affiliates or employees assume no liability other than Manufacturer’s Warranty, as applicable, and hereby make no warranty, given, expressed or implied.  We neither assume, nor authorise ...
Thursday 1st January 1970

About Us

With this ever changing world that we live in, what if you could carry with you at all times a lightweight, discreet, proven product that could help protect you from a knife attack, a bullet travelling in excess of 900mph (1,500 kph) and a real threat from a bomb blast...shrapnelTerrapin ...
Thursday 1st January 1970