• Terrapin Technology aims to be the World leading provider of Personal Protective Technology in an ever changing Global Environment.Providing Military Grade advanced fibres incorporated into everyday consumer products ensuring Your Safety.
    Protection in the city

About Us

With this ever changing world that we live in, what if you could carry with you at all times a lightweight, discreet, proven product that could help protect you from a knife attack, a bullet travelling in excess of 900mph (1,500 kph) and a real threat from a bomb blast...shrapnel

Terrapin Technology offers you the opportunity to use this product in your everyday life.

Following two years of research and development utilising Honeywell Spectra Shield, Terrapin Technology brings state of the art, undetectable, discreet protection to everyday bags and luggage.

Under the Trade mark of  Go Ballistic, the product range consists of Backpacks, Messenger bags, Briefcases, Laptop Bags and Document zip folders, with more retail products under development.

Bags for people from all walks of life

Terrapin Technology offers a bag for all people of all walks of life.

Honeywell Industries are the World's leading provider of ballistic resistant materials.  The close relationship Terrapin Technology have with Honeywell along with extensive testing that has been undertaken, gives us the confidence to be able to protect you and your loved ones from a multitude of threats, giving you peace of mind and a level of cover to assist in getting away from a situation to safety.

Protection for when you are out and about in the city

That said Terrapin Technology would hope that you would never have to use our products for their protective purposes and therefore have designed them with quality in mind, not compromising functionality of their everyday use.

To see what products Terrapin Technology could offer you, visit our products page, or for more information please contact us via enquiries@terrapintechnology.co.uk.

Your Lifestyle...Protected.